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Thank you for Choosing HOPE!

Please download all forms in the Forms Drop-down Menu. These forms must be uploaded and sent via an email  attachment(PDF ONLY) before classes begins.

If your forms are not received, a ZOOM invite will not be emailed.

 Please note the following:

A. YOU MUST KNOW and put on your Personal Data form:

1. County of Conviction

 2. Cause # 

                B. If you do not have Probation, the Consent for release form will not be needed.

                     C. The DAST form AND the DOEP EXAMS must also be submitted prior to class

D. Be sure you understand all the Class rules( you must attend all classes)

E. Download the DOEP Workbook and have access to the workbook during class

You will need to Download the ZOOM APP in order to take this course


**No Refunds after Classes have been Registered.




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